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I'm no connoisseur. I like my Folgers Classic Roast and lots of it. On a fixed income, my Folgers, my Marlboro's, and my poetry books make things tight. At times I run short on coffee. This precipitates headaches. I have Bayer aspirin on hand for those mornings. The Bayer works but I get nothing done those days.

I'd love to be a two-cups-of-coffee man in the morning. Two cups and then no more until the next day. I think it impossible. So I keep drinking my Folgers. I must have my Marlboro's. A cup of coffee and a smoke is how I stay busy as I read poetry. When I have a coffee shortfall, things slow down but I still thank my lucky stars. Bayer aspirin is affordable.

Story by:

Sander Blome

submitted at 9:09am

3 November 2010

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