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You'll Never Leave Me

10 hours have passed since he told me he was going away. I didn't believe him at first, but eventually, I knew there would be no choice.

Sitting on the floor with my knees pulled tight to my chest, I hold my breath waiting for the next gunshot of thunder as the storm howls outside.

The tears have ended; I've cried myself dry. Now all I can do is stare glassy eyed at the space where he once stood.

I didn't want him to go; I would be lonely, frightened, but to make him stay would prolong the agony of knowing he no longer wanted to be there.

The room is black now; a reflection of my life, hiding the truth of what I've done.

The rain drops on the window reflect the somehow familiar sapphire lights that sparkle and dance rhythmically, beating my walls, mesmerising my senses. Pain, loneliness, nausea, sorrow, they've all left me now, just like him.

I can hear them banging on my door. I know they are shouting, they sound so far away. I can't answer them though, they'll bring back the pain. I lie down next to him. Someone's coming through the door. It's too late. He'll never leave me now, our spirits together for eternity. I hope he can forgive me.

Story by:

Linda Rollins

submitted at 8:34pm

17 November 2010