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Day at the Spa

Single mum, frazzled and worn out. Winning tickets for day at the spa (not Spar). Rare chance, grabs it with both hands. Packs kids off to school. Time to chill. Relaxing in the sauna when two Peter & Jordan couples (before the split) crash noisily and drunkenly in on her peace. Time for a 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' moment. She begins to grin insanely, then laughs out loud and raucous, starts talking to herself. Then, with the mood nicely tense she leaps up, her towel drops, her arms are waving about wildly. The couples stare in horror and take their chance to leave, muttering unheard insults. She smiles, replaces her towel, sits back down and enjoys the regained peace even more.

Story by:

Linda Rollins

submitted at 8:45pm

17 November 2010