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We Are the Gerbils

Sometimes you feel like a gerbil running around on his little wheel. It's like a right side up carousel, only there aren't any ponies or elephants. There are only those moments you wish to remember, to forget, and the ones you don't really care about. Seems like those insensitive, emotional, and dreamlike moments come and go like the people on the carousel. They are gone and the next moment, they are back again.

Of course, other times those things are just nonsense and don't really matter because it seems like you have the best life there is. Nothing can go wrong and nothing does until you think about it and you find the faults.

Life is a big wheel and we are the gerbils that exercise on it. It keeps going and while it may seem like we aren't moving, life isn't leaving us behind.

Story by:

Griselda Santiago

submitted at 11:43pm

17 November 2010