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It's OK, We Understand...

People. Some can be best friends, others enemies but I've come to realise, that it isn't life that gets you down, its the people within it. You many say, well actually it IS life because what if I want to be a millionaire? Well I would say, well you could have been if someone hadn't decided to share money out and for others to receieve more and able to achieve your goal of being a millionaire. People are what makes the society we live in. But society is the reason we judge people so easily, even if we don't mean to. It's human nature, and we understand it. Imagine walking down the road and seeing someone that would be classed as "pretty" and then you see someone classed as "ugly", how fair are we judging the people around us that make this one big community? We don't actually know what one person is supposed to look like and if we are all supposed to look like that but it's been passed on through many generations and it hurts to think that people can be so judgemental without wondering whether someone out there could be thinking that you're not all that you seem. And we understand that people have problems and have witnessed worse situations than us but it doesn't mean that they feel more lonely and betrayed than your "average" person. You could walk down the street and not know whether that kid or that woman has had a hard life. It's time we opened our eyes to the world around us and finally realise that we're not the only people out there that feel the need to be loved.

Story by:

Chloweee :') <3

submitted at 9:17pm

23 November 2010