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Top Dog

Vordak stared at the chess board. A slight grin formed on one side of his mouth as he picked up a bishop and moved it across the board.

"Check," he said.

Raithe said nothing. He looked away from the board.

"Chess is the most brutal game there is," continued Vordak. "There's no luck involved, you have no excuses for losing other than your own failure to assess the situation correctly and determine an effective strong winning strategy." He smiled, baring his teeth.

Raithe looked at Vordak for a moment, expressionless, and then down at the board. He moved a pawn forward to block the attack, and then looked away again.

"This is the one hundredth time we have played now. And you are about to lose for the one hundredth time!" Vordak picked up his queen and stamped it back on the board, attacking the king. "Check!" he spat with glee.

Raithe moved his king, but before he had completed the move Vordak had picked up his queen and delivered the final blow, crying "Mate!" He sat back in triumph.

Raithe stood up from table, and gazed levelly at Vordak. He picked up Vordak's queen, and his own king, and held them together, in front of Vordak's face.

"You have won one hundred games of chess against me since we started playing three years ago. It was three years ago also that I began sleeping with your wife," said Raithe. "She is leaving you today. When you get home she will be gone."

He paused.

"I could never bring myself to beat you at chess, and steal your wife." Raithe turned and walked from the park.

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submitted at 19:10pm

4 January 2009