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The Little Voice Talks

Just a simple, silly fish. Merely a thought to the over reactive mind, the clogs and gears grinding past each other with endless amounts of effort and working over time while they were supposed to be resting.

It's not that this vulnerable, unintelligent animal has no place on the earth, it's how it reacts to the sights it sees and the secrets being shared.

A spoon of honey to your lips, the juicest gossip you have ever heard but somehow, the secret becomes too sweet for you to handle and the lies and screams at night seem to rot your brain and end up slipping off your tongue every now and then.

It's not your fault, you didn't mean to say it. You couldn't handle the truth.

It's just that the little brainless fish heard. He told your friend, your friend told another and the another until the cycle spun around and around in a 360 motion that the fish actually symbolised a lesson.

You stared emothionless at the river before you.

"I hope you understand," the fish began, telling his lines as if they were a story. "There is always someone right behind you that listened. You can't get away with everything. Maybe it's time you learnt to keep your trap shut and left all well alone."

And with that, he was gone and you... you were gone the next day. Some secrets appear too dangerous for you to handle.I believe you have lost your way.

Story by:

Chloweee :') <3

submitted at 9:31pm

23 November 2010