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Black Death On Friday

"I am trampled to death on Black Friday." Jared typed into his online blog. He tried again, revising just a bit.

"I wish to be trampled to death on the blackest of fridays."

Damn, not even death or shopping was working out.

One more time.

"This is my last blog entry. There will be a stampede in the lingerie section that will initiate my demise."

Blimey, I can't even do the death dance properly.

What is the death dance?

One last time.

"This blog will detonate on the blackest of fridays."

"Write a flash about shopping.

This is the most unique contest you will ever enter.


Because I will judge it from the other world?

Your judge will be death.

There is no compensation but neither will your entry be without pay.

Until death to us art."

Imaginary knight.

Story by:

Laurel Kahaner

submitted at 4:00am

26 November 2010