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Tragic Snowball Fight

It was a warm snowy day in Merritt, British Columbia. It was 3:00 pm, and the teenagers at Merritt Secondary School were excited to get out of school to throw snowballs.

The bell rang, the kids ran outside into the field and every one of them picked up snow off of the ground, rounded it with their bare hands, and threw the snowballs at each other. There were snowballs flying in every direction.

There was one boy, Lewis, who walked home every day. He never threw snowballs after school because he was scared that all of the kids would gang up on him and hurt him. Lewis was the type of boy who got bullied because he didn't fit in with the other kids.

Lewis walked right through the middle of the snowball fight. He didn't seem afraid of getting hit with snowballs. Some kids would pick rocks up off of the ground and slide them into their snowballs. This was a mean, cruel thing to do because if it hits someone in the temple or eye, there could be serious damage done.

As Lewis walked his way through the vast number of students throwing snowballs, someone from the opposite side of the field threw a perfectly rounded, wet snowball. It flew through the air and came to a sudden halt... right on the side of Lewis' head.

The kid who threw the snowball at Lewis looked quite happy that it hit him, but all of a sudden, Lewis came to a crash on the soggy, bitter winter ground. Now the student who hit Lewis in the head didn't seem too happy, he had a petrified look on his face.

All of the kids who were in the field ran over and crowded around the still body of Lewis. The snowball that hit him had a large rock wedged inside of it. There was blood gushing out of the top of Lewis' head. Now all of the kids ran away in fear, leaving the motionless body of Lewis lying on the ground.

Story by:

Billy Gossoo

submitted at 6:02pm

26 November 2010