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On the Sudara

In Buton and Sulawesi Joseph Banks heard that when some children are born there slips out with them a little crocodile baby, like a sort of afterbirth, which the midwife delivers with equal care to the other children and rushes down to the river. This is the Sudara. It is fed by the family and then by the child itself. One slave told Banks how when her father was dying he asked her to look after his crocodile twin by taking it meat, and that when she went she called its name, which was Ranja Pouti or White King, and the crocodile came out of the river and fed from her hand, and it had a red nose and a spotty body and gold bangles on its legs and gold rings in its ears. Banks said crocodiles don't have ears.

Story by:

L Thompson

submitted at 11:09pm

11 December 2010