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An Open Window

Mom left dad and when asked why would frown and imply what he did was too horrible to speak. It was her cross to bear. She hated him and so I did too.

So she moved and she had us duck down behind the back seat and covered us with a blanket whenever we drove there. She explained it was so we would not know the way to her new apartment. If we knew how to get there he would trick us into telling. She said it had to be done for our safety. We got new toys and clothes though just for there. We went there three weekends a month and otherwise stayed at his house.

One time when he was at work, she and her brother went to his house and found a back window unlocked. They laughed about him being so stupid. Then they lifted me up through it and I unlocked the front door so she could take some things out. Her brother had brought his pickup all the way from St. Louis special for the day.

She had many new friends including Sandra who stayed late to help. Taking care of two kids three weekends a month was tough for a single mother. Then, one night, I got up to go to the bathroom and saw mom on Sandra’s lap and I sort of figured out what happened.

Story by:

Mike Perkins

submitted at 4:59am

20 December 2010

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