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Late, Fresh, Modern

The events were understood for the purpose of starting a fresh rush of martyrdom and devoted abandon. In retrospect it was the culmination of all of his momentum. Tristin Rook Shuffled the cards for the hundredth time. The card on the top of the deck was a three of spades. The holy trinity, an angel divine, gods grace and the late Pallo Rook.

Pallo defined himself with angel wings and looks of sanctified cure for Tristin, she touched his brow with the salty tears that spoke of the division between life and death. Pallo was Tristinís guardian angel.

Tristin tapped the deck and drew a second card. The five of clubs, a dancehall number, the divinity of a modern ballerina, an angel in alabaster vesture dancing in rhythm with Tristins heartbeat and joy. He grinned, not really seeing the angels instead thinking of future loves and the tender caress of his late wife. A final time, he flipped the deck and drew the bottom card, a seven of hearts, the purveyor of love in fresh rhythms of fortune and refuge, a filling, fulfilling feast of cherub guidance and governed fate. The third angel sang and shaded Tristinís eyes from the ails of beckoning demons. Tristin put the cards away feeling renewed and strangely prepared for life love and the treasure of another day, "Alive and kicking." he said aloud to the air in front of him, "Alive and Kicking."

Story by:

Ron Koppelberger

submitted at 6:41pm

23 December 2010