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As if in a trance, I lie next to her, watching her breathing gently, admiring her smooth white breasts partially compressed, as she lay on her side. In these wee hours I am king and she is my lovely queen.

But soon, comes the dawn and she will leave as she always does. And I will miss her as I always do.

Suddenly, my trance is broken. Without a sound or glance she leaves my bed like a cat in the dark. I hear the click of a cigarette lighter followed by a flash, tracing her movement toward the end of the bed. It isn't time to leave yet. "Is something wrong?" I ask her. "Tell me."

I know she can hear my heart pounding. She stops at the foot of the bed and the tiny red glow of the cigarette in her mouth reveals a dim but tantalizing silhouette of her immaculate and perfectly shaped body.

I smell the smoke floating from her lips, panty hose draped across her forearm. She looks at me and even in the dark,I can follow the strange smile forming in the corners of her mouth as she begins to speak.

"Sweetheart, your last check bounced again. From now on it's cash only."

Story by:

Richard Koss


submitted at 5:47am

26 December 2010