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No Moon Remembers This Night

No moon remembers this dark night.

I long for solitude, shadows, darkness.

I wish for sanctuary beyond the smoldering sun.

This is the only night where I may replay images of what never happens.

Of what does not exist.

She wishes to envision the moment we detonate as delight.

I refuse to go where she desires.

I scream, "No, there is no light in un-natural death.

Love never dies naturally, it is always murdered."

She wishes for light in the darkness.

I surrender to a dark embrace engendering no foreplay.

My bones shudder, someone whispers entelechy. This night is the only bewitching that matters.

Light comes after illuminated darkness.

Winter Solstice is the begetting of all that comes next.

She screams, I hear the sound.

It does not resound enough to transform darkness into light.

Story by:

Laurel Kahaner

submitted at 9:48pm

2 January 2011

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