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Dying To Meet You

Ten minutes in Manila , late evening ,I hit the streets downtown, a woman does a hard sell on me, to come into the Red Garter, a girlie bar with a bevy of young beauties, I buy a drink for myself and two young women who have come across the room and introduced themselves .

Gorgeous and all of nineteen, with babies home in the provinces, that need feeding. Large dark eyes and full lips. The slender dark skinned girl tells me after searching the ceiling for answers to my questions about her job here. "Yes we get 50 peso for every drink you buy us and if we go for the nite then we get 500 peso" (about $12).

The one who has pressed against me, caressing me, is keen now to leave with me and retires to a room to change to her own clothes, the bar owner approaches asking for 2,500 peso, I leave before the girl returns. On the pavement outside a similar girl but unwashed with a dirty hungry child in her arms, and pleading eyes, jumps for joy, when I hand her a few notes for milk powder.

I wander down the street, picking my way between whole families sleeping on cardboard, wondering if I should not have taken the girl back to my hotel.

Next morning I go for a walk, it's only 7am but within minutes of hitting the street I'm approached by three women, the first two I manage to escape, but the third, a charming creature, I take for coffee, and later buy her a dress as hers is blood stained.

Philippines, Heaven or Hell? The girls are certainly dying to meet you.

Story by:

Warren Foster

submitted at 2:00am

7 January 2011