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The Mullah's Boy

Abbu said that I would have been flogged to death had he not used his influence to intervene in my sentencing. He reminded me that he had always warned me about the dangers of challenging the Way. The Way, he argued, had protected mankind from Shaitan. We had overcome his influence once already. We could not afford to fight him again.

Since I was a small boy, I have created troubles for Abbu. Why the Son of the maidaan's Mullah should harbour such thoughts was never comfortable for either of us. Was I damned? Possessed? Mad? With nowhere else to go and an inability to ask my questions, I was asked to stay home and study our scriptures. That would answer all my questions.

For a while, this was a happy solution for Abbu and me. He could tell his peers that I was studying the scriptures. I could learn more about why our ways are so. There was a short time while the scriptures made perfect sense, but then, the questions returned and further questions came. Questions which I was forbidden to raise in public, and eventually forbidden to even ask at home.

Our people had survived much hardship where lesser peoples had lost their lives and cultures to His wrath. Too long had people forgotten his name, his Word, abused the Earth. Too long had our knowledge and faith been suppressed by Shaitan. But we are his Chosen people and we prevailed.

Shaitaan's defeat came at a great cost. Our Earth is now only 15% inhabitable. His followers are either dead or worse.

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submitted at 7:06pm

24 November 2007