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No Miracles

"Who ya talking to, Edith?" Archie asks. "Iím tired and hungry. Whereís dinner?"

"Oh hi, Archie. Iím talking to your cousin. Donít worry, everythingís ready. Weíll eat in a minute."

"Oh really? Which cousin?"

"Maude, Archie. Iím talking to your Cousin Maude."

"Oh, that one," Archie says. "I thought maybe you were talking to, uh, you know, one of the more sensible ones."

"I was telling Maude that you said there arenít any more miracles. That they all occurred a long time ago. Two thousand years ago."

"Oh really now?" Archie says. "Let me guess. I suppose she doesnít agree with that. Am I right?"

"Thatís right, Archie. She says she donít."

"Well, in that case, letís ask Miss Brilliant, I mean Cousin Maude, to give us a little evidence to back up her belief. Ainít no modern miracles is what I say."

Edith speaks into the phone in a low voice a few moments. Archie sits down at the dining table and begins drumming his fingers.

"She says she heard you, Archie. Then she asked me where I was. I said I was right here standing close to you. That weíre both in the house. So she said how much more evidence do you need, Archie? Modern miracles still occur."

"Gimme that phone, Edith!" sputtered a red-faced Archie.

Story by:

Randall Barfield

submitted at 12:47am

1 February 2009

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