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Breaths of Autumn Love

Grandiloquent finery in engaging fall divinity and departure from the fetters of Summer-time Sashay, the season was distinctly close to the sedate soils of a nascent vesture, a fall gush of exalted freedom, the place of sleep and raging beauty. Beauty in the destiny of rebirth, embryonic, bred in berth, the beginning of a mystery in fall soliloquy.

He defined fall with the affection of secret love and a devoted playful desire. He whispered in piles of orange and saffron leaves. "The ghost of dust and the concourse of animated beliefs, in silent ascension and fall passions!" He whooped in spirited contentment. "Amen and long live the beauty of God!" He thwarted sleeps lazy inducement for the fervor of a song, a blessed exaltation of wonder in the breath of a dreaming season of chance. All in possible adoring souls, in reoccurring love and chaste circles of pregnant willing awareness. " Sustained in fall, the courtship of admission unto the realms of a sated profusion in wont and need for the shadow of sunshine anew and the rebirth of an eternity in bliss." He yelled to the gray cloudy sky. He saw nothing but Saffron and the love of a sainted mistress in sleep.

Story by:

Ron Koppelberger

submitted at 1:15pm

8 January 2011