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Staggering Sojourn

In cat jumps and screeching glee the homeless couple played a game of hopscotch in the deserted ally. A stray newspaper fluttered and wafted through the air like a butterfly of faithful tribute to the tides of humanity and oblivious vagrant communication. The pair were contrasting fixtures, manifest by the domain of societies payment, castoffs, castaways in the bustle of modern procession and progress.

Deli sang and hopped through the squares. Her ragged shawl flipped out behind her as she giggled. Canton paused for a moment and memories of a simpler time filled his consciousness. Playing hopscotch in the schoolyard playground. Yelling and dancing with the newness of existence. He looked at his aged hands and smiled. Deli was urging him to the chalk outline. "YEEEEhoraaaay." he yelled as he hopped in tandem with the squares. Deli laughed and hugged Canton and they danced like school children to the tides of time and the beauty of being alive, alive and free.

Story by:

Ron Koppelberger

submitted at 1:17pm

8 January 2011