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Romantic Voyage

In the early years of the twentieth century, a down on his luck amateur song writer in England was hired by a travel agency to write a song to promote a popular ocean voyage from England to America.

Sidney Cummings had his song published and the sheet music sold quite well for a few months. Soon after, the song suddenly disappeared into the memory banks of obscurity, never to be heard of again. Music historians who recall the composition unanamously agree that the song failed primarily because of its lyrics.

After reading the lyrics to the verse and the first four bars of the chorus, I'm sure you'll agree.


"Come along my turtle dove

and join me on our trip of love

holding back all my emotion

till we cross that great big ocean"


"It would be so romantic

to sail the Atlantic

aboard the TITANIC

with you"

Story by:

Richard Koss


submitted at 9:30pm

8 January 2011