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Wine Tasting

Alex swirled his goblet gently, and then sniffed at its contents.

"Ah," he said, after taking a sip of the ruby liquid. "This has the sublime aroma of a port-a-potty that has been at a construction site for three months!"

"Oh yes," said Ellen, after a moment, "And the beautiful top notes of moldy lunch meats combined with saddle soap mingle elegantly with the oaken pond sludge to create a most delicate sensation for the palate."

"That's perfect," said Alex.

They both fell into an extended fit of giggles.

At last, Alex poured a bit more of the outrageously expensive Bordeaux into each of their crystal glasses. He smiled and nodded at Ellen.

Regaining her composure, Ellen said, "No, Alex. It's your turn. Unless you want to concede."

"Never! Just give me a moment to come up with another unctuously volatile rejoinder."

Alex paused and then said, "Okay, I got it. Ready? This gem of a wine will caress your taste buds with its sandstone-like texture. A subtle and lingering reminder of barnyards and dirty socks. It's as if someone thoughtfully poured gasoline into nail polish remover and added a transcendent touch of yakked-up hairball to create a cream finish."

Ellen lifted her glass in salute.

Story by:

RJ Clarken

submitted at 10:21pm

8 January 2011

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