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My mother was equally traditional and visionary. "Comportment," she would say, "is how people will recognize your quality." Finishing School was something of a shock to the system. Mother had to make use of her friends in high places in order to get me a place at St. Montford's; she didn't tire of telling me how difficult it had been and the sacrifices she had to make to her own standing to assure my place. Nonetheless, she was elated that I was now attending mater's alma mater, so to speak.

As hard as things were for me, I have no doubt that St. Montford's found accommodating me far more difficult. I do appreciate the efforts they undertook on my behalf. Bless them.

And so, as I am faced with the challenges of modern life, I know I have the ability to rise above the slings and arrows; my behavior, I know, reflects well on my family and St. Montford's. Take Peter, for example - my colleague at work. He is, shall we say, un-reconstructed. "John! Oi, John! Do you have doilies in your sandwich box? You fucking poof, I bet you do!".

I smile curtly at him and walk by, my head held high, back straight and stiff.

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submitted at 2:47pm

17 January 2011