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Would you care for a drink, James askes nervously. No thank you honey I never touch the stuff, doesn't agree with me, the gorgeous blonde sitting on his sofa replies, she smiles knowingly, her dazzling bright blue eyes gesturing that he should come sit beside her.

James has poured himself a tumbler full of scotch which he gulpes down as he sits.

I would like to taste it though, she leans foreward, her hand on his thigh and sqeezing, her tongue slides between his lips exploring his mouth, his brain explodes a rain of Margenta, pink and purple stars to the exquisite delight of her being, her warm firm breasts now heaving gently against his chest.

After not experiencing a woman for years James is entirely blissed out and unable to control himself, a pulsating wave of orgasmic pleasure engulfes him.

Sensing his relief she sits back on the couch.

James reaches for the remote and hits the red button.

Her eyes flash even brighter then fade to a solid dull grey as a soft gasp signals that her breathing has stopped.

Yes! James exclaims out loud, the Honey 2000 is everything Red Robotics had claimed.

Story by:

Warren Foster

submitted at 3:53am

30 January 2011