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Uncharitable Thought


I've just made a less than charitable remark. Blame the drink, blame the fact that I don't really like the woman, since she is a man-mad, shallow conniving bitch. But even so, this isn't really the time or the place. We're in a restaurant in Bilbao, our tutor having suggested, to part-time mature students only (note that 'mature'!), that we accompany her for an 'educational' visit to the Guggenheim (i.e. she gets some sort of subsidy while we pay our way, which isn't a problem as we all like her a lot, even more so now we know how indiscreet she gets when drunk - and oh so quickly drunk!)

Anyway, this woman I don't like - Julie she's called, has been married five times and two of her husbands she woke up and found dead in bed beside her (what does that say about her eh?), she was saying how much she spends on having her hair done: "Only £80, and I ask for that 'just shagged' look" she said.

And, for my sins, and because I don't normally think of such a good comeback line, and because I thought I was out of earshot (not expecting everything to go quiet at that precise moment) I said "It would've been better value to have gone out and got shagged and been paid for your trouble".

Now everything's gone really, really quiet.

Story by:

Sandra Davies

submitted at 12:10pm

31 January 2011

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