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The infection

It felt like I had been running for hours, hours of terrible fear and heart-pounding adrenalin. My pursuers were crazed and manic, with a murderous glare in their eyes. I knew why they were chasing me; for the same reason they chased anybody without the virus. They were hungry, they needed to feed. I barely had time to survey my surroundings; all I could see was empty cars, empty builidings. It was a dead town; only the dead, the hiding or the infected were here now. Death was preferable to the rage and hunger that seemed to conceal those who became infected. My feet pounded on the pavement, in contrast with my pursuers the footsteps hitting the ground were like a constant thud - that's an indicator of how many were chasing me. I turned a corner, and jumped into the town lake - I would swim for my life, eventually make it across the lake and then hope someone was there to help. I jumped in and I heard the sickening splash of the infected jumping in after me. I felt a hand grab at my right foot - I kicked out hard and felt my blow connect with a head. I kept swimming, but the baggage of my clothes weighed me down. I felt hands grab me around the ankles, slowly pulling me back towards them. First my legs were consumed and then the rest of my body. Slowly feeling the grip of hands wrapped all around me I began to sink; darkness, water and desperate bodies engulfed me. I slowly got pulled down into the darkness - hopefully I would drown before having to feel the agony of the infection.

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submitted at 1:49am

20 February 2009