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Chosen Few

Cresting ships broke the blue sky, taking people away but so many were left behind. Where were they going? Who took them? Were they in trouble or were we the ones left behind in trouble? Had these people secretly consented to being taken? Was this the end of the world? Was the government behind it all?

News channels had religious correspondents and conspiracy theorists to argue the reason behind the abductions. Televangelist broadcasts took over the airwaves at night praying for Earth's impending doom and the second coming. Alien enthusiast waited expectantly to be taken next, claiming that their time had come, inviting others to share in their journey. The radio announced group disappearances every day, all over the world. Marshall Law had been declared in most countries. Thousands added to the misery by holding mass suicides in desperation.

The world leaders decided to address the public with the same script. If they couldn't deliver it would be anarchy. Yes the disappearances were a tragedy; yes the government was trying as hard as they could to using ever means of technology at their disposal to find the missing. No, this wasn't a government plot or a terrorist attack. No, they honestly didn't know it this was an alien invasion. God help them hopefully it wasn't the end of the world. If the speech didn't go as planned this would be the end of organized civilization as they knew it.

Story by:

Dominique Boller

submitted at 5:38pm

1 February 2011

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