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Another Coffee Klatch Story

Once a week they got together for coffee. Every two weeks they'd meet somewhere for lunch and monthly they'd have a GNO (girl's night out) which they took turns picking.

Their husbands teased them about it but little did they know that the club's name, LTL stood for "Let's take lovers" and not "Ladies to Lunch."

It was literal and their coffees were to share the experiences, the lunches used to plan covers and excuses for each other on their LTL nights.

There were only four of them but they could easily have added another half-dozen from their social circle of other wives who needed some spice in their lives but like them, weren't looking, as they put it, to change outfits - just underwear.

These four never envisioned that some of the women-in-waiting were changing underwear with their husbands while they were at their LTL sessions.

Story by:

Paul Beckman

submitted at 1:56pm

2 February 2011