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Dramatic Present

Once in a twitter, Lilly twongs the venetian blinds to peek at the incipient daylight threatening to crack through the murk that passes for Saturday. She craves early February freash air, she tweets.

Like fresh air, only with 20% more spelling. Aarrgh! Typojokes in cyberspace. Lilly Lulupini feels her chest contract and her pulse throb. Like a student of Jean Paul Braudilliard trapped by her own metafiction, Lilly leaves facebook and saintly suburbia for St. Alban's town centre.

A Rocky Road and a cappuccino @ Cafe Roma hint at self-admonition and introspection worthy of a fully rounded personality. She counts to ten. Slowly. Her inner turmoil subsides.

She glances at the sign in the Vintage shop across the misplaced Hatfield Road. It reads in perfect WW2 MOD RP: Keep Calm & Carry On, Chaps.

Story by:

Phil Doran

submitted at 10:36am

8 February 2011

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