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Food For Thought

"What is this stuff on my plate dearest?"

"Why, Donald that's brain food."

"These garlicky fritters are delicious."

"Thank you dear."

"Yummy, too darn good to be nutritious."

"Brain food tastes superb and nourishes your brain, darling."

"Martha, who else has a craving for brain food?"

"The French make a big todo about brains as an aphrodisiac."

"Are brains in short supply in this city?"

"Why Donald dumpling, you're funny!"

"I'm serious!"

"We live in the center of Washington D. C.!"


"The whole country knows there's a shortage of brains in Washington!"

Story by:

John D. Brooke

submitted at 7:54pm

8 February 2011

John D. Brooke's web: