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The Ugly Hero

Along Commonwealth and Massachusetts Avenue stands Hector. Hector is an ugly. Fat, smelly, unshaven he still wears the same army fatigues from his Vietnam days. That's where he lost it all - his mind that is, not his ugliness. It was there in 1968 where he was fighting to save himself and several of his friends, when a grenade exploded under the rice bowl. His friends where blown into tiny Uncle Ben's. They were all young and beautiful. Hector, spared the same fate, just stood there and lost his mind. But not his ugliness. He came back to Boston, an empty shell of a man who stands on his corner each day, mumbling about the fate of his five beautiful friends. No one would get near Hector. But he was only ugly, not dangerous.

One day, during rush hour traffic, a young boy ran after his runaway ball. The young boy ran straight into a speeding van after his little red rubber ball. His rich, beautiful mother screamed but could not move. Bystanders were shocked, but waited to see what would happen. Hector, on the other hand, rushed onto the street, kicked the ball, grabbed the kid and lost his combat boot as the van swept by leaving a cloud of smoke in his wake. The crowd applauded, the mother cried, the boy smiled as the ugly man walked away mumbling about five beautiful friends. He passed the boy's gorgeous mother and glanced into her empty black eyes. Hector shuffled back to his street corner. Hector, the ugly hero. But who knew?

Story by:

Perry Nardone

submitted at 9:10pm

9 February 2011

Perry Nardone's web: