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Jack With A Wink

"I have a plan," Jack said.

"You always have a plan."

"This time it's the plan to end all plans," said Jack.

"You say that every time."

"This time it's true," jack countered.

"That's still the same dead horse you're beating."

Jack admitted to himself that this was correct. Spot on. Painfully accurate. He kept his blue eyes fired with passion though. He had to keep up the conviction.

"I'm onto something," said Jack forcefully.

"Like always."

Jack shrugged this off. Finished shaving without replying or looking too deeply into the mirror. He may not think twice all the time but damned if he doesn't carry conviction.

He brushed his teeth. Spat the last foamy scrub at his reflection.

"You can't stop progress"

"You can't keep following whims and expecting support."

"Au contraire monsieur," said Jack with a wink. Even though he had done it 100 times it never got old.

Story by:

Nick Javy

submitted at 12:38am

11 February 2011

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