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A Jewish grandmother took her seven year- old grandson to the beach in Miami. After settling down on their blanket, she encouraged him to go into the ocean water to cool off a bit.

"Don't go too far out and stay in the shallow water so I can keep an eye on you, David."

The boy was unafraid and ran into the water, splashing and jumping up and down, waving to his grandmother, who occasionally lifted her sun glasses and waved back at the boy.

After dozing off for a few minutes, the woman sat up and lifted her sun glasses, looking for David but he was nowhere in sight.

As she walked towards the ocean, she began screaming and yelling in a loud piercing voice.

"Someone save my grandson, he's drowning!"

Everyone in the area where she was pointing began to look around and the lifeguard leaped from his tower, running into the water.

The grandmother continued to yell and scream until the lifeguard finally emerged from the water with his arm around her grandson, coughing and spitting up water.

"Here he is maa'm. He's fine. Nothing to worry about."

The woman stopped screaming and stared at the lifeguard. In a disappointed voice she said, "he had a hat."

Story by:

Richard Koss


submitted at 3:12am

11 February 2011