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Tastykakes Versus Dunkin Donuts

All right. It's about time someone settled this once and for all. Thousands have argued about this almost as much as the best pizza or best sandwich. Both taste great so we must look at other factors.


Hometown - Philadelphia. Variety - about 113 as far I can count

Availability - found throughout the northeast U.S. and through their website. Virtually every food store from Washington, DC to NYC. Some progressive stores in San Francisco and Berkeley order them for locals

Best time to eat - as long as you can breathe with cold milk

What to eat before - cheese steak

When not to eat - on an interview or while making out

Mess factor - very clean; easy to sneak into a movie or on your lap during a class

Fill factor - 3 butterscotch krimpets or chocolate cupcakes for dessert; double it for a meal

Dunkin Donuts:

Hometown - Boston. Variety - dozens with new creations for special occasions. Availability - over 8000 DD locations (at least 5000 of which are in Boston) in 31 countries, but none in most of California (there is no logical reason for this). Donuts are not available through the internet. Really, if we can put a man on the moon

Best time to eat - in the morning with coffee or tea

What to eat before - pizza

When not to eat - while riding a skateboard or unicycle

Mess factor - better have a napkin; forget about sneaking it into a movie or class

Fill factor - 1 with breakfast and coffee or tea; 3 as a meal

My winner is Tastykakes, but please decide for yourself.

Story by:

Jerry Guarino

submitted at 7:12pm

20 February 2011

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