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Freedoms of Perception

The skirmish neglected the companion of petition, sunup claims in resounding conscious perception. The shift in music defined the radios bondage , its rare script and dialogue. With the sovereignty of choice, a choice in burden and season.

"A choice!" Agnes said to Cleveland, "we have a choice in honest rows of garnered harvest and dominion." she ministered in courageous proclamation and perfect will. The radio in endless repetition unveiled an unwavering encouragement.

"Bloodied and neglected by distance, conform the

Symmetry of the wine, conform the symmetry of the wine,

Conform the symmetry of the wine."

Agnes revealed the quarter she held to Cleveland. The small shiny coin had the stamp of an inscription, "SAFFRON AND PASSAGE TO FREEDOM". Cleveland took the coin and cushioned it between his fingers. The radio drifted in then out. Agnes smiled and lovingly patted Cleveland on the head.

Story by:

Ron Koppelberger

submitted at 9:31am

24 February 2011