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Half an Hour

Half an hour, Great.

I have to come up with some sort of flash fiction story in half and hour. Yeah, I know it sounds easy but I am about as imaginative as a rock in the middle of no wheres-ville.

Good, one minute has passed. I really need to stop looking at the clock it is making this more painful. But what else am I going to do.

'Oh I don't know the work maybe?' Great now I am hearing voices in my head. Pull it together Jessie. Two minutes. YES! Two minutes gone.

Three minutes.

Four minutes.

Three minutes.

'OH COME ON, so not fair'.

Great well all this procrastinating is leavening me to my own thoughts. Not good, I am starting to realise how hungry I am. Fantastic as long as trying to do my school work and failing, I am hungry as well. Damn it!

Well at least the music is making things better. Pity I only have four songs to listen to over and over again.

Six Minutes.

Seven Minutes.

Okay enough music there is only so much I can take. Well what do I do now, besides my actual work obviously. I could do my math homework.

'You don't have a math class'.

Wow. Am I seriously struggling that much I need to resort to imaginary math homework! In English class no less. I am really hungry now, damn my thought process. Of course I would make the connection between English class and sandwiches. Maybe I could suddenly catch some horrid disease that is highly contagious. Then I would need to be removed from the class immediately. Yes, that's a Great Plan.

Story by:

Jessie Leigh

submitted at 1:58am

20 February 2009