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The Muse

Unfinished in peace and creed in bells pealing trembles of revelation, the creative encounter with angels and the depth of amended evidence and untaught beginnings, all in the muse of a dreaming desire. Passions of transformation and roses in unrevealed truth, the advantage of bounty in trappings of tattered blood, a muse in dramas of exceptional refuge, asylums in flux, background honors of creation.

The currents of shrewd uncomforting rhapsody and messages of pleasing passage, the muse in distant possessions of sanction, altogether in gardens of wheat and saffron near seas of concealed passion. The wont of a reflection given the will of a sunrise in mists and cloaks of candent tale, in smoke and real wonder, in ethereal deliriums of fate and the wild ravings of those before and those yet to come. The conclusion of essence and earth in beauty and in the sanctity of a horizon bless by the edge of a great azure Taboo. The muse in evanescent rapture, a moment in passage blaring the sound of birth.

Story by:

Ron Koppelberger

submitted at 10:40am

4 March 2011