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I Bet It's Cold Over There!

Dear Nikolai,

The one thing that I do not miss about London is how cold it is. The idea of your breath being visible is much more fun than the reality. Perhaps it was more fun when we were ten and we pretended that we were smoking cigarettes, but I suppose that it is much less funny now that we have moved onto the real thing.

How is Jessica, is she well? I hope you haven't spoken to her much about me, while I've been away. I know I didn't handle things that well, but nonetheless she is still having my baby. When I come home I will make everything right. Hey, Nikolai, remember when we were fifteen and we snuck into that abandoned church? We got so drunk on cheap vodka that we started having random flashes. I will never forget the look on your face when you actually thought that Jesus was speaking to you! Haha. I wonder what Jesus would say to us now, huh Nikolai? I know neither one of us is particularly religious, but perhaps the idea that someone will comment on how we lived our lives wouldn't be so bad. Who knows.

I feel like such a fool, I haven't spoken about Phoenix, but I am running out of space. We will speak soon, it won't be long till I am home.



Story by:

Jay Slayton-Joslin

submitted at 9:16pm

13 March 2011

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