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Chained to Black Leather Pants

Mary peered into the windows of a vintage shop down town from her apartment. The shop was small, but was lined with clothing, hats and accessories from every decade. In her hand, she clasped the invitation to the costume party with a grip normally reserved for roller coasters, or her sister's reckless driving. Each time she read the invitation, her throat tightened:

Head-banger ball

Wear your chains and black leather, rock star!

Regrets only

Feeling only regretful that she allowed her roommate to talk her into going, Mary stepped back and glanced at her reflection. She was pleased to see her pony tail still remained sleek even after the walk from her car. But the dark circles under her eyes she carefully concealed now seemed to take the same hue as her skirt that reached just above the knee. Instinctively, she smoothed out her white blouse, and hooked the top button. Feeling satisfied, Mary stepped back and turned the handle of the store door.

Mary strolled passed each decade, carefully reviewing the 1950's style poodle skirts, and selected slick, jet black leather pants with a zipper that adorned each ankle. She wondered what Tim Gunn would say about clothes that appeared spray painted on; grabbed the matching jacket, and forged ahead into the dressing room.

Mary inhaled deeply, and placed her first foot into the pant leg. She gained only an inch. After a considerable amount of clawing and howling, Mary buttoned up and stared at her own reflection.

She smiled.

Story by:

Jesse Silver

submitted at 1:12am

15 March 2011

Jesse Silver's web: