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Bird On A Camera

I saw the most amazing thing last week. You know those traffic cameras that are going up everywhere. Well, a seagull was perched on one, taking a break between the sea and search for food. His head bobbed as birds do, glancing this way and that. He obviously wasn't familiar with this new technology designed to raise money for local towns. Nearby a bank was being robbed. The thieves got into their 1977 Chevy Nova (properly updated of course) and hauled out onto the road. Well, the light turned red and the thieves went through the light. When a traffic camera goes off, a bright flash accompanies it to make the picture clear. However, the light flashed directly (I mean directly, about six inches) behind the seagull and gave it a heart attack. The bird fell onto the getaway car. The Nova swerved and ran into another light post, setting off three more cameras. The whole incident was caught on tape and the police arrived in time to catch the thieves. Although it might seem absurd, I just saw cops attaching bird decoys to the front of their cameras. Does this bother anyone else?

Story by:

Jerry Guarino

submitted at 7:07pm

27 March 2011

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