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Caged At The Carnival

Renee and I weren't in a hurry to get to the junior high roller skating party. We took our time crimping our hair and trying not to think about the dreaded "Couples Skate." We never imagined that the horror waiting for us was a hundred times greater than being a wallflower.

Once our jelly bracelets were in place, we walked two blocks to Roller World and discovered a traveling carnival set up in the parking lot. Towering over all the attractions was a revolving Ferris wheel with neon spinning cages.

"Just a buck each, ladies," the Carnie said.

"I don't know," I wavered.

"Come on," said Renee, "It looks fun!"

"Let's get this over with," I sighed.

"Since you're my only customers, I might give you an extra long ride," he said, flashing a toothless grin.

He opened a creaking cage and strapped us in. Then, he slammed the door shut. The wheel turned slowly at first, but once it gained momentum the cage started flipping. My stomach turned somersaults too, until the ride began to slow down.

The Carnie's high pitched cackle wafted up as the wheel stopped. We were hanging upside down in our cage at the top of the wheel.

"Let us down!" we screamed.

The only response was more hyena laughter.

"Help!" I yelled through tears.

The waterworks scared the Carnie because we started moving again.

As he let us out of the death trap, he winked and said, "You'll never forget that ride, will ya?"

Story by:

Sara Fowler

submitted at 7:57pm

27 March 2011

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