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A Beach View - By Alex Dullow

And so Ted lay on the bonnet of his car, he had barely escaped the pig patrol he so commonly called them. His ex wife Morag had stopped kicking the boot, must've given up the struggle. As he sipped his tequila and enjoyed the beachfront, its still, calming waves and sun painted hills in the horizon, clumps of tanned people like dead cats spread on a highway. Pondering on where he will go next, Ted reflects upon the atrocities he did to reach this point, the murders, the guile to pull it off. Maybe he'll buy a mansion somewhere in Spain, start a humble buisness. He'll need to cover his tracks, bury his ex somewhere close, with a good view of the ocean as he digs. After plotting the routes to be taken in his head, Ted slithers off his bonnet and takes the driver side. Starting the engine and backing up, he reverses and U-turns away from the billboard and finds a nice dump site near the Texas border.

Story by:


submitted at 2:31am

20 February 2009