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Choosing Bliss...

We argued before our very early morning breakfast today about how you leave wet towels on the bed.

Then you argued in the car about how the waffles were roasted versus just being toasted. I argued about how I wanted a breakfast picnic by the beach and you cared nothing for sand in your food. You said that you hated my tacky pink shirt and truth be told, I've hated your orange shorts forever. Spoiled my whole morning arguing about nonsense.

We didn't hold hands as we finally walked over the sand. Stood watching in silence. The argument seeming small yet, insurmountable because we each felt wronged.

The water rushed to meet us, leaping, frothing over in joy. Splashing us both. The rising sun cast a golden blessing on everything in its path. It blessed us both. Beautiful!

Nature was glad. To see you and me. It gave to you and me.

We looked toward each other, breeze on our faces. The waffles, shirt and shorts seemed like what they are. Temporary. Would we let them define us this gorgeous morning? Or would it be your deep bass yelling and my high octave screeching?

The choice seemed spontaneous when we reached out and held hands. In the same instant.

You are my blessing. Orange shorts not withstanding, I am grateful that I can share this dawn with you.

You show me this when you take me into your arms and hold me tight.

Before we know it, the waves get higher and we are laughing again. Laughing at each playful push of the wave that leaves us drenched in ocean bliss.

Story by:

Anne Maven

submitted at 3:03pm

1 April 2011

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