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The Great Hall

The maw was an arranged cloak of white faced diligence and ardent pledges. A pledge to balanced innocence and unfolding signposts, a pledge to group ethic and fires of wont, a pledge to the machinery of a caste. It was ventured in a group sensibility, a mass of unity, unity in movement and divine purpose; a confederate fountain in momentum and synchronicity.

The group of gnomes wore a simultaneous expression of dazed wonder and obedience to the god of recreation. Small channels cut into the great arena separated the maw and by category of interest. The hall segregated the gnomes one by one into distinct categories.

"SPORTS" read one sign.

"VIDEO" read another sign and yet another read "HEALTH". The flow of gnomes was seemingly eternal and endless. In waves of rolling jumble-tumble choice they filed into the narrow channels holding their choices aloft, their signs. The halls would lead them to their dreams and expressions of individuality.

Somewhere near the end of a day, the machinery broke, in an instant the mechanism for choice and expressions of interest were shattered. The lights and arrows and bells and instructions in the hall ceased to be. The gnomes would realize it had been a miraculous end. They found what had been absent in the great hall, love, peace, harmony and god.

Embracing their freedom they celebrated, they were released at last each and every one, for a while.

Story by:

Ron Koppelberger

submitted at 9:51am

3 April 2011