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Glasgow Memories

'Glasgow's miles better': an early, feel-good, cultural Macintosh (Charles Rennie) marketing drive.

Book fairs in the eighties with three, two, one children, a truncated trunk road, city centre motorway, footbridge over to the Mitchell Library and a buzz of a backside view of new architecture intermarrying with old.

Later Scottish Opera matinées: seven hours drive for two hours of sometimes less than enthralling, but a Fascist 'Tosca' remembered yet for Scarpia's performance of menacing power.

The Gothic monochrome Necropolis (an early episode of Taggart), the motorway exit, appropriately perhaps, off the right hand fast lane, hence we've never made it yet.

A later, late arrival due to muddled keys, with youngest son: long list of CD shops, Philip Starck in the Lighthouse and walking to the Kelvingrove, recovering lunchtimes in high ceilinged city centre bars.

Another decade passed, daughter drove the scenic route, Jo Ganter prints, one seen in the Hunterian, another bought elsewhere and 'An Leabhar Mòr' - 'The Great Book of the Gaelic' - a serendipitous first day exhibition discovery.

Story by:

Sandra Davies

submitted at 3:24pm

5 April 2011

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