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The Countess

Hello, my dear child. How are you feeling? That was quite a bad fall you had outside the castle. I cannot understand why you went running off like that. I had the servants bring you in again, so the physician could take a look at you. It would be most upsetting if anything should have happened to you. It is just a scraped knee. Bloody, but if only it were given time, it would heal. I dressed your wound myself. See the stains on my skin and nails? I hope you feel better now. Of course, I have sent for your father and mother. They will be here soon. But now, I think you should rest. Lie back down and close your eyes. I will be here with you. Or would you like to play? I will keep you company till they arrive. I have some dolls in my room. I am afraid some of their heads have been pulled off though. It was my fault for being so careless when I was young. Or would you like something to eat or drink? It is almost time for tea. I am afraid you are gravely mistaken. There are no knives anywhere in this room. It was all in your imagination. Trust me, child. Why are you shivering? Are you cold? Would you like to take a hot bath instead? Would you like that before we have tea? I will send for a servant girl to take you away. Do not be afraid. Everything is going to be just fine. What is my name? My name is Erzsébet. The Countess Erzsébet. But you can call me Lizzie.

Story by:

Ian Chung

submitted at 1:57pm

8 April 2011

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