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A Safe Place to Hide

"Jason," I called. The echo hissed his name, bounced a couple of times around the cave before being swallowed in the darkness. Jason had gone ahead of me taking the only light with him and it had vanished. I wiped sweat from my neck. I thought caves were supposed to be cool. "Where are you?" I didn't want to call out too loudly; they might hear us.

They were monsters bobbing around in the night like headless ghosts with gigantic shark-like mouths. When they caught you - well, let's just say there wasn't much left to bury.

Me and Jason had been running from a gaggle of these things and found the cave just before they could grab us. When the creatures didn't follow us in, we thought we were safe.

I told Jason we should just wait the critters out, but he insisted on exploring the cave. I watched him and his light bouncing against the thousands of stalactites lining the narrow passageway. I waited near the opening peering down the corridor to see if I could find him. It was getting dark and I wanted to get out of here.

"I'm leaving, Jason!" I shouted. No reply. A breeze with a taint of flatulence floated by. I gagged. I needed some fresh air - fast. I ran for the cave opening, but it had disappeared.

The ground shook; I fell against the wall but jumped back. It felt sticky, spongy. Damp. Stalagmites sprang up around me.

Crap. We'd been eaten.

Story by:

Carla Girtman

submitted at 4:22am

9 April 2011