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A Dragon Sage

Vapors of ethereal creation tangled in arrangements of weeping mist. The dragon stood erect, its leathery wings in full bloom and in redeeming sovereignty over the tiny human. It was a forbearing tail of prophecy and a rose colored belief that destiny swore to. The willingness of the dragon sage to bequeath the secret of the least in vistas of enormity was at the heart of the humans failing.

"To the western fray... human. The witchery and voodoo eye will defy the quest of your kings heart and in seductions snare you will abide." The dragon rasped in heavy whispering fuss. The human seemed satisfied in that she took comfort for the burden of children, the children of war against men and their asylum was fully realized in her asylum, her hidden conclave. Obedient she had submitted to the man in the commons guard, she had given the impression of submission and ignorance, thusly she had decided to seek the dragon sage, for her children, her kingdom. Her children would amend the covenant of the dragon, but the dragon knew her weakness lay in the temptation to vengeance and the easy path to diversion. He knew, nevertheless he would teach the woman his way and the way of ancient war against the men who would have destroyed his lineage and his spirit. In the heartbeat of a dragon she stood waiting for her destiny, the destiny of a princess and vagabond queen.

Story by:

Ron Koppelberger

submitted at 11:13am

14 April 2011