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Taking Action

The man is getting ready for work. He has read the morning paper, breakfasted and brushed his teeth. They have been keeping an eye on him for a while from the café across the street.

"Too clean. Not even a parking ticket," says Pride. "Upstairs is taunting us. We need to take action, gentlemen." He looks at his six colleagues around the table. It's not really a surprise that he has to take charge with this lot. "We have to start small and work our way up. First he needs to stay home today ..."

"Back off and stop trying to boss us around!" growls Wrath. "But you have a point. Why should he go to work? That place is full of idiots who should have their heads smashed in!"

Pride smirks. "If you're trying to say that he could do much better for himself, I agree."

"He could earn more money in other ways. Robbery is one," suggests Greed.

Gluttony removes a chicken leg from his mouth long enough to speak. "He could go have brunch somewhere instead."

"He'd rather have someone else's life. Look at the neighbour. His car is cooler. His job is better," Envy says, eyeing his competitors.

Lust leans forward with his elbows on the table and winks. "Oh, come on. He should stay home and have a little quality time with himself."

There is a pause. Sloth yawns and shrugs. "I don't really care. Neither should he."

A figure passes them in the street outside. The man is on his way to work.

"No biggie," Sloth comments. "We can look at it tomorrow."

Story by:

M. Howalt

submitted at 12:27pm

23 April 2011

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