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Mother's Revenge?

She wished she had never moved to this house next to the cemetary, regretted it from the start, it was so eerie. There it was, that noise again, it sounded just like the bell her mother used to ring when she wanted attention, day and night, week after week. Two long years it had been before she had managed to kill her off. Isobel had been so demanding! Towards the end she had begun to realise what Emma was trying to do, but she was bedridden, could do nothing to stop her. Her last words to Emma had been that she would haunt her, day and night, and that she would get no peace. The sound of the bell was getting nearer. Emma laughed with relief as Bella her cat brushed passed her, the bell on her collar ringing - demanding her dinner. She wasn't laughing as the cat tripped her up. She was as good as dead before she fell down the concrete steps. The cat smirked. (If a cat could!)

Story by:

Tricia Gerard

submitted at 12:07am

25 April 2011