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Life Begins At 40

She was so sick of everybody telling her "Life begins at forty", well her life, had, as far as she was concerned, finished. Only one lousy card, and that had been from her next door neighbour, the old biddy at number 6. No friends calling her, and no relations left to care.

Well today she was determined to make it a birthday to remember, at least everybody else in this lousy town would. First she was going to dress up in her sexiest gear, paint her face, and put on the perfume he had bought her at Christmas, just before he told her he couldn't see her anymore. Well it was obvious he wouldn't miss her either.

She made her way to the top of the church tower, her high heels making the climb awkward up the winding steps. She didn't notice the icy wind as she stepped to the edge of the parapet, and threw herself off!

The headlines next day read "Married Vicar in love triangle".

The Vicar's wife was horrified, the idea of the party she was hoping to hold for this woman had the theme of "Vicars and Tarts". It was going to to be a 40th to remember!

Story by:

Tricia Gerard

submitted at 11:08pm

27 April 2011